CHOC-UCI Initiative for the Development of Attention and Readiness

Providing Prevention and Early Intervention Services

Child Behavior Pathways (CBP) aims to help children succeed in their home and school environments by placing an emphasis on parent/teacher education, prevention and early intervention and cultural needs throughout the community. The developmentally appropriate curriculums are designed to help parents better understand and nurture positive relationships with their children, improve family functioning and effectively manage challenging behaviors. As an early intervention program, the services are also geared to help parents identify children with attention and/or behavior difficulties BEFORE they enter school – and offer them evidence-based tools to address challenging behaviors so that the child will have a more successful experience.

Program Components

CBP focuses on families of children ages 0-5 and has three core community-based components provided in English and Spanish:

  • COPEing with Toddler Behavior (CWTB) for parents of children ages 0-3: This 8-week course is designed for parents who wish to learn about encouraging and nurturing a healthy and positive relationship with their infant/toddler.
  • Community Parent Education (COPE) for parents of children ages 3-5: This 10-week course is designed to help parents effectively manage challenging behaviors and improve family functioning.
  • Teacher Training Services: Topics include social/cognitive development and effective behavior management in classroom or group settings.

2017 Summer Parenting Series

Child Behavior Parenting Classes

Accomplishments (FY11/12)

  • 42 COPE parenting groups were provided, reaching 695 families. 
  • 222 children were screened using 3 different child behavior screening tools and their parents were given reports based on the information collected. 
  • 341 teachers were trained in behavior management skills.
  • 81% of the COPE classes were offered in communities with the greatest need of support for children to succeed in school.
  • Parents have consistently reported an increase in the use of positive parenting strategies, a decrease in the use of physical punishment, and a decrease in parental stress following participation in COPE.
  • Parents have consistently seen improvements in their child’s behaviors following participation in COPE, including an increase in their child’s pro-social behavior and a decrease in behaviors and attention problems that are associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
Very helpful – should be mandatory for all parents!”

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